I’m a N00B! What’s Bitcoin? What’s an NFT? What’s Counterparty? What’s an XCP wallet?

Welcome fren! We suggest you start here: robotlovecoffee.io

What is HODLPET?

HODLPET is the first dynamic interactive pet hosted on the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty! Think of HODLPET as an online Tamagotchi who is nurtured democratically by our community of HODLERs, or as a community-led choose-your-own adventure story. An exciting and totally unique use of the counterparty platform, HODLPET is crammed with generous NFT exclusives and oodles of fun features. Get in early or risk missing HODLPET milestones, NFTs, promos and adventures!


Yes, but with unique features. Like other Bitcoin NFTs, HODLPET tokens can be bought and stored in XCP wallets. However, unlike other NFTs, HODLPET constantly changes appearance as he grows and gets up to various hijinx. HODLPET is a “living” NFT, not a fixed work of art.

I have an XCP wallet. How do I get a HODLPET token?

HODLPET tokens are made available in batches of 50 via XCP dispensers each time HODLPET reaches a new milestone. You can see if any are currently for sale by visiting xchain.io/asset/HODLPET and clicking on the ‘dispensers’ tab. If no HODLPET dispensers are currently open, you can try asking a current HODLER with multiple HODLPET tokens if they will give, sell or trade you one. You can see which XCP wallets currently hold more than one HODLPET token here: hodlpet.io/parents HODLPET Tokens will never be sold officially for more than 0.003BTC. If someone is selling one for a lot more than this, we recommend you wait patiently for the next batch of 50 HODLPET tokens to be made available via the official channels for a more reasonable price.

What is a HODLER?

A HODLER is simply an owner of a HODLPET token. HODLERs are granted access to the private HODLPET Telegram chat (in which the democratic parenting takes place) and automatically receive all HODLDROPs and HODLCOMMONs released after they become a HODLER.

How does HODLPET grow?

The more HODLERs there are, the more HODLPET grows! Every time HODLPET gains 100 more HODLERs, it evolves and changes appearance. You can see how many HODLERs there currently are at hodlpet.io, by viewing the HODLPET asset (xchain.io/asset/HODLPET) or by typing “/hodl” in the private HODLPET Telegram chat.

What are HODLPET milestones?

Milestones happen each time HODLPET reaches 50 more HODLERs. Each milestone, all HODLERs are automatically rewarded with a new exclusive HODLDROP! Since HODLPET tokens are released in batches of 50, HODLERs must work together to ensure that all 50 tokens released are perfectly distributed (one per wallet) to reach a new milestone. This often requires detective work, teamwork and meeting new frens!

What is a HODLDROP?

HODLDROPs are exclusive NFT artworks by esteemed artists. Unlike the HODLPET asset, HODLDROPs are traditional locked artworks. A new HODLDROP is distributed to all current HODLERs each time a new milestone is reached. HODLDROPs are distributed on a 1 per HODLER basis and have a locked issuance equal to the total number of HODLERs at the time of the drop. HODLDROPs are only ever available to buy if a HODLER chooses to put theirs up for sale, making them very hard-to-get for non-HODLERs! You can view all HODLDROPs released so far here: hodlpet.io/drops

How do I submit an artwork for a HODLDROP?

HODLDROPs are by commission only. Try making a HODLCOMMON instead!


HODLCOMMONs are NFT artworks spontaneously created and distributed by the HODLPET community! HODLERs are automatically sent all HODLCOMMONs released after they become a HODLER. You can view our HODLCOMMONs wall here: hodlpet.io/drops

HOW do I submit an artwork for a HODLCOMMON?

To get your card on the HODLCOMMONs wall we only ask that:
(a) it is dank
(b) HODLPET related
(c) 400x560 ratio
(d) locked issuance = the current number of HODLERs and
(e) the card has perfect distribution amongst the HODLERs.

To achieve (e), multisend your asset to all current HODLERs using Freewallet. Use the list at hodlpet.io/parents or this community made tool to help you. Copy the list, find & replace ‘ASSETNAME’ with your commons asset name and copy/paste the resulting list into the multisend textbox, hit send, and your common will be distributed to all current HODLERs.


HODLTRUMPs is a collectible, playable NFT card game based on HODLPET’s life. Find out more and build your HODLTRUMPS deck here: hodlpet.io/trumps

What do the stats mean on the HODLPET asset?

HODLPET’s mood and personality are determined by the four stats FEELS, DANK, IQ and KARMA. FEELS refers to how happy HODLPET is, DANK how cool it is, IQ how clever it is, and KARMA how good it is. These stats change dynamically as HODLPET makes its way through life. HODLERs can affect HODLPET's stats, and therefore its future behaviour and life-story, through gift-giving and decision-making.

What Happens in the Private Telegram Chat?

As well as shooting the shit, quality memeage and getting to know each other, the HODLPET chat is also where HODLPET Decisions, Gift-giving, notices and other fun and games take place.

What are HODLPET Decisions?

Sometimes the textbox visible on the HODLPET asset will make it clear that HODLPET needs to make a decision! When this happens, a poll is opened in the HODLPET chat and HODLERs can vote to decide how HODLPET should behave. The results of these decisions affect HODLPET's life-story and personality!

I can see a Decision is taking place. How do I cast my vote?

To cast your vote during a HODLPET decision, you must own a HODLPET token and gain access to the HODLPET chat, where you will find a decision poll running.

What are HODLPET Gifts?

HODLPET Gifts are pixel-art objects designed and given to HODLPET by HODLERs. HODLERs may submit their gifts every so often when the HODLBREEDER opens a “Gift Window” in the HODLPET chat. HODLPET Gifts often become the subjects of HODLTRUMPs memory tokens. In submitting a HODLPET Gift, HODLERs consent to their object’s use on a HODLTRUMP card. As a reward, they will be credited on the card and given 3, 6 or 12 of the cards for free (depending on rarity). Want to design a gift for HODLPET? This website might be useful: pixelart.com Please make sure your pixel-art gifts are no bigger than 16x16 pixels and submit a larger screenshot of your gift too when you submit in the HODLPET Telegram chat.


HODLBREEDER is the mysterious voice in the HODLPET chat that makes announcements, starts polls and opens / closes gift windows. HODLBREEDER and the rest of the HODLPET team are anonymous!

I have a HODLPET token, how do I get into the private HODLPET Telegram Chat?

New HODLERs can get into the private HODLPET Telegram Chat by either directly messaging @Hodlbreeder on Telegram or @Hodlpet on Twitter. Once the HODLPET team has confirmed your HODLPET ownership they will reply with a private invite link.

I notice the HODLPET asset is unlocked. Why is that?

The HODLPET asset is unlocked so that HODLPET can continue to grow. HODLPET’s life is open-ended, so more HODLPET tokens are minted as more milestones are reached!

How many HODLDROPS will there be?

The project length is open-ended, but at the very least there will be 15 HODLDROPs.

I was too late and missed a HODLDROP I want, can I still get it?

If you became a HODLER after the drop you wanted has already been distributed, the only way to obtain it is to try and find one via a secondary dispenser or to beg a member of the community to sell you one. Sorry fren, you weren’t early enough!